Plot Synopsis

This will most likely be fleshed out in future blog posts (which I will link to as they get written), but here's the general flow of things:

Nate and I met (in a high school band room) in 2008, fairly soon before I graduated from college. We started dating that November and got engaged in October 2009. We were married July 2010 and, after a stint of living as newlyweds in his parents' house, we bought our own place in September 2010. We decided to take a world trip in July 2011, which took us to my grandmother's home growing up. I found out I was pregnant and had Rosie in March 2012, sandwiching her birthday in between mine and Nate's. I found out I was pregnant again and had Freddy in May 2013, meaning I need to have the next kid in February or June in order to have consecutive birthday months (or get pregnant around now to have another 14 month spacing).

I find the previous sentence hilarious, as John was born February 2015.

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