Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Five Favorites: Facebook

I'm just going to put it out there: I love creeping on my friends. I love knowing what people are up to and how their lives are going. Don't lie, you know you do, too (as Miss Manners snarkily put it: "No, there is no polite way to tell someone that you want to know their personal business but don’t actually want to talk to them. This phenomenon used to be known as gossip, and in Miss Manners’s opinion, Facebook has ruined its fun for everyone."). But there are a few things that I really, really enjoy more than others.

1. Wedding Pictures
There is nothing quite like seeing a couple glowing as they promise each other their hearts. And there are some super awesome hairstyles and dresses and flowers that I'd totally have used. Generally, when people get married, they get homes, which means we see...

2. House Updates
I don't have cable anymore, so this is as HGTV/makeover show as I get. It's amazing to see what people can do, and I'm even more impressed if they do it themselves. My brother had a furry wall (seriously - the carpet, which was ugly, crawled up the wall on the basement stairs) that he took out and refinished, and another friend completely ripped out and replaced his kitchen. And once those things are taken care of, we usually see...

3. Pregnancy Announcements
I have a list of literally 2 dozen couples who are expecting wee ones soon, and I am always so darn excited when I see someone sharing their happy news. Which inevitably leads to...

4. Bump Photos
Baby bellies are adorable. I was horrible about taking bump pictures, but I really enjoy watching the transformation. And even better than those...

5. Newborn Photos
Little balls of pudge and sleep that you just want to squeeze forever. Ermagherd.

And while there are generally seasons and cycles to each of these things, I will always love the one-liners that some people come up with.

Wow, I had to do this REALLY fast - got one baby down and the other one woke up sooner than I was expecting. Go check out more favorites at Mama Needs Coffee!


  1. Mrs. Manners is always right. :) I recently read her "The World's Oldest Virtue", have you read that one?
    Anyway, all your favorites of FB are mine. I would also add Family Pictures to that list as well.
    ~ Erika Marie via Mama needs coffee

    1. I just looked it up since you mentioned it. Heavy stuff. I'm not sure I ever thought of primitive human cultures' rites as "etiquette," per se, but it's an interesting argument. I definitely need to get better about writing thank you notes in a timely fashion. I was never good at it growing up, so now I'm playing catch up.

  2. I found you. I enjoy creeping on friends' (and random people's) blogs in addition to their facebook profiles... And you're welcome in advance for providing your number 1 favorite soon :-).

    1. Why, Miss Maurer! What a crazy random happenstance! :-D And I think that wedding pictures of weddings you've been to are almost more fun than wedding pictures of unattended events, so your pictures will be doubly enjoyed!