Friday, October 18, 2013

And now, my first 7QT!

Another linkup! Who am I??

Freddy is big enough that trying to keep him in the infant prefolds is an exercise in futility. If he isn't soaking through it in 10 minutes, it is a pain to get it on and make sure everything is covered. I'm convinced that while it's harder to clean girls, actually getting the diaper on boys is...a challenge. So to the next size up we go! Now I only have to pack one size of diapers in the bag!
Rosie desperately wants to play with her little brother, which is sweet, but when her idea of "playing" consists of knocking out his pacifier on purpose, sticking her fingers down his throat while pretending to feed him, shaking toys so they hit him in the face, and pretty much sitting on him, let's just say I have to deal with a lot of dual cryfests.

I don't like warm cookies or pies. Apparently, this makes me a freak, as my friends are confirming on facebook (with the exception, so far, of my cousin's wife). I just don't like warm, sweet things. I've yet to try a fresh-off-the-line Krispy Kreme, but I have a feeling that I'm going to be labeled soulless if I do and find I don't like it.

I keep two (electronic) post-its on my desktop. One has pregnant couples on it, and one has recent births. The pregnant people list is now at 24, and about 7 of them are due in April. Zounds! Also, this is definitely the year of the boy. When Rosie was born, everyone and their mother were having girls. Now, 12 of the 17 people who have announced gender are having boys, and the last 4 births were boys, and I had a boy in May. It's very, very weird.

The weather has been a little wonky recently. It rained for a week straight last week, and it's been in the 70s and even 80s this week. Next week it's supposed to be more normal in the 50s and 60s during the day, but we'll see. It's a little odd, because the past two years I've been pregnant during the fall and winter, and I'll actually be able to wear normal clothes this time and I'm not sure what's going to fit. Which leads me to...

My waist might shrink some more (I've still got 2-3 inches to go before I'm actually back to pre-pregnancy size), but I think the chest is a lost cause. I'm still trying to breastfeed Freddy and supplement after, so I need to have boob access. I went up 4 cup sizes from pre-pregnancy days, so most of the buttoned shirts are comically ill-fitting and some dresses, while they fit, are impractical (example: I was a bridesmaid over the summer and I had to buy a dress for afterwards that I could feed in. That dress is smokin', but a little formal for everyday wear). We don't exactly have a lot of wiggle room in the budget to replace items, especially since the kids have this odd habit of outgrowing clothes, so I'm probably just going to have to spend most of the season in sweaters that get pulled up.

I'm wondering if it's worth getting some snow boots for Rosie for the winter. Virginia is so hit or miss with the snow. '09-'10 and '10-'11 had some crazy snows (snowpocalypse, snowmaggedon, snowtorious B.I.G., etc, and enough poorly timed snowdays that my AP Music Theory kids got kind of screwed for classtime), but '11-'12 was super mild - I spent most of it in sweaters and an open coat when outside and there were no snows to speak of - and we personally only had to deal with snow last winter because we hit Minnesota for Christmas, but Rosie wasn't walking yet. If I had to put down money, I'd probably say that we would have some snow, but nothing huge, and I just don't know if it would be worth the money to get boots she might hardly wear. I would hit a consignment store or thrift shop, so I wouldn't spend as much as retail price, but it's still money that could otherwise go to another pair of pants or a sweater that would get more use. Decisions.

All right, Rosie is trying to steal my laptop or at least tap on the keyboard, so it's time to wrap it up.

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  1. If you buy snow boots, it won't snow. It's like an unwritten law. Anyway, if it DOES snow, you're unlikely to want to actually take Rosie AND Freddy outside to play in it. I'd just rubber band plastic bags over her regular shoes if you decide to set her free in your yard while Freddy naps...

    What size is she wearing right now? I don't have snow boots any smaller than what Cecilia's wearing now, but she wore some pink faux-uggs last winter that might fit Rosie - I think they're a 6?

    1. Yeah, I figured it would be something like that. Kind of like diapers - you only need them when you don't have them.

      She's currently in fives, though they're getting on the snug side, so a six should be perfect. I still have some of your girl stuff, too, so we should set up a play/trade time. :-) Speaking of which - I have some full body suit stuff that might fit the twins for when it gets cold. I think they're 9 or 12M size, but they're on the bigger side.

    2. I think they're probably too hard on clothes these days for me to feel okay borrowing - I keep finding stains on the knees of their leggings and on the cuffs of any long-sleeved shirt. But we should definitely have a play/trade time! What are your afternoons like?