Friday, May 22, 2015

Takes of the Quick Kind

I've finally remembered that I have a laptop and since I have a baby that pretty much refuses to sleep anywhere but on me, maybe I can actually get back into writing! That would be exciting. No guarantees. But maybe.

(He knew I wanted to do something - he woke up as soon as I started writing. Nate took him and Rosie on a walk with the dog and Freddy is still napping, so huzzah!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Freddy's Birth Story

The last blog post I wrote was over a year ago, with the words, "Trying to get back on the blogging wheel." Haaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!

Clearly, I'm terrible at this, but in the past year, Freddy turned 1 (and now 2), I was a birth sherpa for my best friend, I got pregnant and gave birth to another child, and we dealt with all sorts of other stuff along the way (flooded basement, totaled van, Nate starting grad's been crazy). However, I realized that I haven't written Freddy's labor story, and that needs to be rectified before it starts to fade (especially since I've got another kid in the collection!). So, here we gooo: