Current Drafts and Edits

Since we've moved into the house, we've:
-painted 4 rooms
-created a back garden
-taken out the carpet and put in laminate flooring on the main level
-been slowly decorating various areas of the house and acquiring pieces of furniture

The current big project is:
-the basement.
Someone decided when they built the house that they were going to hang paneling instead of drywall. Not ON drywall. INSTEAD of drywall. Nate and my FIL have spent a good few weekends tearing out paneling and trim, cutting and hanging drywall, and taping and mudding (and sanding. So much dust) in order to remedy this abomination and do it on the cheap. They're in the final stages, and I'm telling you, it's looking really, really nice. I can't wait until we have our basement back.

To Do (eventually):
-decorate basement
-redo basement bathroom
-paint hall/stair walls
-fix part of upstairs bathroom wall
-paint upstairs bathroom
-redo closet doors on main level

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