Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Beginning

I should confess: this is actually the third blog I've started.

I should explain: one of them was a horrible stream-of-consciousness type blog I started in high school (frankly, I'm not sure if I should be amused or horrified that I thought anything I wrote was worth etching into the internet for eternity) and it had a pretty terrible user interface, so I switched to a livejournal in college. And, well, the second was a livejournal, so that's fairly self-explanatory. Since I already have a gmail account, it will be much easier for the NSA if I just keep everything in one spot. I'm all about efficiency.

I suppose it's also symbolic to be starting a new blog since so much has changed from my last lj entry (which was, I think, about 5 years ago). I met my future husband, I graduated, I got my first job, I moved out of my parents' house, I married my husband, we bought a house, we got a dog, we had two kids and will likely have's a very different life from the one I was living. While some of these changes were huge and definite, so many more were and are gradual. I started tearing up today because Rosie was playing peekaboo from under the table with me and I wanted to make sure I didn't forget moments like these.

The things I want to remember are going to be the little things, and I don't want to miss them. I don't want the little impish grin to fade from memory because she's morphing into a young woman and replacing the toddler before my eyes. I don't want to strain to try to remember the way her little voice sounds, or the way her hair curls in corkscrews, or how gentle and loving she is when she tries to give her little brother a hug and a kiss. I don't want to only remember the temper tantrums and weight worries and sibling squabbles sure to come. I want to Carpe Kairos (for the other Momastery readers), and if I can record some of those moments here, maybe I can do that over and over again. The internet is going to last forever, right?

While this blog is mostly for me, I titled it "Words For Friends" because I do like sharing. Sharing is caring. I also like stomping people in the game "Words With Friends," so this is probably a nicer way of connecting to them (though I got slaughtered recently by a good 200 points by my BIL Kris). And if on the off chance you happen to be one of my kids reading this journal years from this first entry, hi. I love you very much, and I hope I did a good job showing that.

So. Let's begin, shall we?


  1. I don't know how it took me this long to find this! So excited :) I started blogging to remember too - I've always been sad that there weren't more pictures or stories from my childhood, and my kids certainly won't have that problem!

    1. Well, it's not like it's been around that long. :) And I really need to get better about taking pictures, especially on something other than my cell phone. And then I need to actually, y'know, upload them.

    2. True, but 12 days on the internet and I didn't even know? Clearly I'm not spending enough time sitting at my computer :P

      Do you have a blogger app? I *just* got a smart phone but you can upload phone pictures directly to a post (and write a post but who wants to blog from their phone?) so that makes things a little easier! I'm often too lazy to get the camera card and import pictures...

    3. That's, like, forever in internets time! :-)

      I don't have the app, but I also have so many other apps that I don't think I have space. For instance, I put as many apps as I can on the memory card instead of the phone's drive, but I had to delete the Laudate app because it was so big I didn't even have enough space to send or receive texts.