Friday, May 22, 2015

Takes of the Quick Kind

I've finally remembered that I have a laptop and since I have a baby that pretty much refuses to sleep anywhere but on me, maybe I can actually get back into writing! That would be exciting. No guarantees. But maybe.

(He knew I wanted to do something - he woke up as soon as I started writing. Nate took him and Rosie on a walk with the dog and Freddy is still napping, so huzzah!)

With Freddy's birthday falling on a Tuesday and Mother's Day falling on the previous Sunday, we celebrated his birthday this past weekend. The weather cooperated BEAUTIFULLY. First, we took him and his siblings to the zoo on Saturday - and I didn't take a single picture, so clearly it didn't happen. Nate did, but I don't have the shots, so...

The highlights for Freddy were probably the lions (he actually tried to climb up the fencing on the outside of the enclosure - "Buddy, you're the reason they have fences in addition to the moat.") and the seals and sea lions. Otherwise, he spent most of the time trying to wander around where he wanted to go and being very vocally against being in the stroller.

Also, those huge ugly thermal mugs you get from the hospital are perfect to hold grapes. Keeps them cool and prevents them from getting squished, holds a TON, and the handle makes it easy for kiddos to hold on to them.

Freddy and Rosie were VERY upset about leaving, but both of them passed out in the car on the way home.
--- 2 ---
The next day, we had the families over for dinner and cake and presents. Freddy had previously licked his bowls clean on these one-pot meals my sister found, so I made them. As I was apologizing for how not-fancy this dinner was, Freddy burst out in a very loud, "YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!!"

Enchilada Pasta (I doubled it. It's kind of on the salty side, so you might want to get low-sodium taco mix too)

Cheeseburger Casserole (I keep meaning to try it with beef stock instead of chicken. That would make more sense, right?)

No fancy cake, but it was all eaten - zero leftovers. Just the recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa powder box. Still dang proud of myself though.

My former students - babies that started out as sophomores my first year teaching - are graduating from COLLEGE. And getting ENGAGED. At least one of them has a BABY. It's CRAZY.

None of these guys have babies, but at least one of them is engaged.
I got pregnant with Rosie after their graduation and before they started school in the fall. That's a blink.

I can't find my nail clippers, which wouldn't be such a big deal if the baby's nails didn't feel like this chick's:

Agents of Shield anyone?

I bought strawberry seedlings last year and was very disappointed to find that they wouldn't be producing any fruit that summer. I was really nervous when half of them died shortly after planting, and I wasn't sure they were going to make it through the winter, but...

Tada! Freddy keeps nicking them when we're out in the backyard, so this is the first harvest I was able to actually do myself. An admittedly small number (it would have been larger, but I fear I might have killed more of the plants when I transferred them from one part of the garden to another to group them together), but still! Fresh produce!

A slightly negative take:

I'm torn between being more proactive about getting Rosie to potty train and just letting her do her own thing, but when my MIL keeps making comments and pushing's really getting under my skin. She had said a while back that once it came time to potty train, I was on my own (thanks?) because when her kids got old enough to potty train, she went back to work, so someone else did it. Yet on Sunday, she showed up with two packs of training pants and gave them to me while saying, "I have something that might make you annoyed with me..."

Why would you bring something that you were pretty sure wasn't going to be received well? Why would you keep pushing something you yourself said that you weren't going to have any hand in? Why would you then undermine it when Rosie asked to sit on the potty and you said you were going to use the bathroom first?! Gah.

At least no one reads this blog. :-)

And just so we end on a super positive note - the newest Sorensen:


Meet John Logan, born February 27.

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  1. I read this blog ;) Luckily I have no idea who your MIL is so I'm not telling! But at this point maybe you can kill two birds with one stone and potty train her AND Freddie at the same time! Or bring them over, let them see my kids doing it, and see if that sparks any interest?

    We're finally getting a decent crop of strawberries this year, I hope - but Mary Claire keeps yanking them off the stems before they can ripen, and the squirrels and birds are doing their best to eat them as well :( Ah well, at least we can get tons whenever we go strawberry picking!