Sunday, November 3, 2013

WIWS Take 1!

You know how you can guarantee awful behavior at Mass? Brag about how well they did last time.

Today was rough. The time change did a number on Freddy. By the time we hit 12:15 Mass, he was way overtired and refused to fall asleep until about 5 minutes before the final blessing. He spent most of Mass in my arms screaming or arching or otherwise making life difficult, so please don't quiz me on the readings or the homily, because I missed all of them. Rosie was a peach, though, and even though she might not have been super quiet and demure, she was at least adorable (dancing and clapping in Nate's lap during the hymns, occasionally singing and chatting in a little voice).

And since the kids were up a little earlier than normal, Nate took them on his walk with Freya so I had time to ::gasp:: take a shower and pick an outfit without any kiddos around! And, even more shocking...I kind of felt cute! What the what. So hey, why don't I actually try to take a picture for "What I Wore Sunday" link-ups?

I felt cuter than this picture looks. :-/ I actually had Nate take about 4 of them and joked that I would use the first one. Guess what? This is the first one.
Dress: Liz Lange Maternity (no, I'm not pregnant, but it's pretty much the only maxi dress I've ever found that's long enough) from Target
Shirt: Land's End
Jacket: Mossimo from Target (YEARS ago)
Boots: Lower East Side from Payless (not that you can see them, but I LOVE them)
Necklace: present from my SIL and nephew

And since we're showing off what people were wearing...


I have a much more terrifying picture of her in the air.

And even MORE of what people were wearing...

As I mentioned earlier, we took the kids up to my parents' house yesterday to show off their Halloween costumes, and I got some really nice shots.

I'm pretty sure he's worn it about three times as much as Rosie did.

And by "really nice shots," I mean "Freddy eating his hand and Rosie with a blank stare because she hasn't learned to smile on command yet." Clearly.

Linking up with the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple! I'm going to go and get some ideas, because it looks like I definitely need some.


  1. You look adorable, and so do your kids! I've never thought about putting a shirt *over* a maxi dress, but I also never buy dresses without empire waists. Maybe I should, if I can get two outfits out of one dress by wearing it as a skirt, too. Hmm.

    1. Thanks! I got the idea from Rosie over at during one of her WIWS posts a while ago. She's definitely more experimental than I am, so I take advantage of seeing her test the waters first. :)

  2. You look fabulous! I looooove the colors in that dress and all the pictures of the kiddos :) I can't believe how big Rosie is!!!

    1. Thanks! It was one of the only purchases this past pregnancy I made. My first was when all the maternity clothes were in winter colors, so I had no choice. The second, they were all springy colors, and I couldn't justify completely replacing everything, but this dress was fairly inexpensive. :-)

      Rosie is enormous! Compared, of course, to a few months ago. She's still squeezing into 12 mos legless onesies, but fits a lot better in 18 and 24 mos stuff.