Friday, November 1, 2013

7QT: Today, all day!

I'm sure that I could be more creative with this title, but honestly, my brain is a little fried, and it's somehow both already and only 11:00 pm. So let's get this party started!

You know what today is? All Saints' Day, aka a holy day of obligation. Because I wanted to go out with some people later, that meant taking the kiddos by my lonesome to Mass at noon. And you know what? They did pretty darn well. We got there a little late due to some toddler dawdling (it's not like she understands the concepts of time and lateness) and I learned how long it takes to walk with a toddler while carrying a heavy carseat. She was chatty and a little squirmy, but cute, and while Freddy should have slept, he was at least quiet. Thank God they were pleasant. I don't even know what I would have done if they'd been on a terrible day. Cry? Leave early? I don't know.

Yesterday, we lost Rosie's last pacifier. I don't know when, but it was missing by bedtime and that meant that she cried and yelled for about 45 minutes to an hour before finally giving up and going to sleep. I still didn't know where it was when her naptime rolled around, so she spent almost 3 hours in her room in the dark in her crib talking and playing and occasionally yelling about it. I finally caved and got her and kind of dreaded taking her to Wind Lit Class (read: drinking while talking about music and teaching).

I think all the saints were pulling for me, because even though neither Rosie nor Freddy got any sleep, they were CHAMPS at Dogfish. Like, pulling-out-all-the-stops, what's-that-ticking-sound-oh-that's-the-biological-clock-of-every-woman-in-the-place adorable. Rosie was friendly to strangers (to her - I at least knew them!) and allowed them to walk her around the restaurant and play with her so I could eat and socialize, and Freddy snuggled with a female friend pretty much the entire time before passing out in her arms. No tantrums or meltdowns or anything. Huzzah! And I know it's just luck, because I've seen them have their fits in restaurants (like for SIL's birthday on Sunday), so it's definitely not because I'm Super Mom.

Got home in time for Rosie's bath and bedtime and as I reached into my purse to get my phone, what should I find but her pacifier! I don't know when it got there, and I don't know why I didn't check it yesterday or how I didn't find it earlier at any of the times I had my purse and reached into it, but there it was! Looks like I'll have to break her of that habit another day. Procrastination, yes.

That's actually one of two things I'm not looking forward to when it comes to kid sleep. She's generally ok without the pacifier during the day, but napping and bed it is most needed/wanted. The other is having two kids in one room for bedtime. I mean, hallelujah, no kid in our room, excited about that, but getting them both to go to sleep in the same room and not keep the other one up is kind of panic-inducing to think about.

Halloween! Right. Yesterday wasn't Rosie's first, but it was the first time she went trick-or-treating. I dressed her and Freddy up in their costumes and went to the local high school (my sister and Nate help out with the marching band over there, though "local" could mean any one of about 5) just in time for rehearsal to end. After we got home, Nate took Rosie out and she hit maybe 10 houses in her lion costume. I didn't take any pictures of either of them (bad Mama), but I think I'll try and get some tomorrow. The band is performing their final time at VBODA (Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association) Assessment, and their site is fairly close to my parents' house. Apparently my dad was hoping that Rosie and Freddy were going to be coming up - he asked my mom and sister, "So, are we going to be having any special visitors?" and was disappointed that they weren't. So I want to take them over and show them off and take advantage of the lack of rain and snap some picture with a real camera.

I got all spreadsheet-y and analytical and did a cost analysis for Wednesday pizza nights. Because of how I shop and what I buy, it costs $3.14 to make a pepperoni pizza. Not per slice or per serving - PER PIZZA. It ranged from $2.30 for a plain cheese pizza to a whopping $4.66 for a "supreme" - cheese, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, green pepper, and mushroom. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Actually, don't do that. It's probably way better to eat it.

As I said, it's only 11, but Nate has been asleep since probably 9:30. I guess it was a rough day. But I got a sleeptalking bit out of him!

Nate: [laughs]
me: What's so funny?
Nate: Nothing.
me: Why aren't you sharing?
Nate: Because I'm too busy drowning.

Not sure why that's funny to him, but it was definitely funny to me.

I have to say, it was a really great kid day for the most part. I wish Nate had come out so he could have also experienced the awesomeness that was them, but alas. There's always next time. Music teachers love to drink.

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